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The Institute of Robotics "St. Ap. and Gospeller Matthew" - Bulgarian Academy of Science (IR-BAS) is the successor to the Institute of Systems Engineering and Robotics (ISIR), created in 2010 by the merger of the Institute of Control and System Research (ICSR) - BAS and the Central Laboratory of Mechatronics and Instrumentation (CLMI) - BAS. The current name of the Institute is also a trademark of the National Patent Office.

Establishment and development of Centers of competence funded under Operational Program "Science and Education for Smart Growth" 2014 - 2020.

Institute of robotics - BAS - Partner

Center of competence "Personalised medicine, 3D and telemedicine, robotic and minimally invasive surgery"


Institute of robotics - Bulgarian Academy of Science
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Acad. Georgi Bonchev Str., Bl. 2, PO Box 79

Tel: (+359 2) 870 3361, (+359 2) 979 3230
Fax: (+359 2) 405 3061